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Pasos Vineyards Art
Copyright © 2009 Pasos Vineyards
All Rights Reserved
Pasos Vineyards has is home to the David Jon Foster Studio Galley located in the tasting room loft.
Foster is a true outsider abstract artist who paints with watercolor and charcoal on canvas. Many of his
paintings are features on the labels of Pasos wine. Have a great glass of Pasos wine and watch him
create original works on Saturdays from 1 to 5pm.
My art is very personal and full of emotion.  It is an expression of my
feelings, questions and contemplations of my life and the world
around me.  Once in a while some one will see things in my art
that even I did not see or intend to portray.  I hope that those who
experience it might be inspired, moved emotionally or will connect
with it in some way,

It is an exploration of my mind...
It is my vision
It is me...

David Jon Foster